Metallographic Equipment and Supplies

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We are a distributor for PACE Technologies' metallographic sectioning, mounting, grinding and polishing equipment. A gallery of video demonstrations of these machines can be viewed by clicking on the Equipment Videos button located on this page.

For details on a wide variety of high-quality consumable supplies, including abrasive cut-off wheels, mounting compounds, polishing cloths and polishing abrasives, click on the Consumables Information button.

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A 6" diameter cutting capacity cut-off machine video can be seen by clicking on the Abrasive Cutter Video button.

An automatic grinding/polishing video can be accessed by clicking on the Polishing Machine Video button.

Magnetic-backed polishing pads can reduce consumable costs and eliminate the need for multiple working wheels. Click on Magnetic Cloth button to see how they are utilized:

View other products such as a metallograph and vibratory polisher in addtion to metallography training videos using the related labeled button.

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